2 Marzo 2017
Crème de pistache
2 Marzo 2017

Pistachio cream

A very tasty home made spreadable cream. Made through the typical Brontese processing of the best pistachios in Sicily. Perfect for filling cakes, desserts and pastries, it is also excellent savoured alone or spread on slices of bread and croissants at breakfast time or as a delicious snack.

For your unique and delicious recipes, for an unforgettable and overwhelming sweetness!

Pistachio (30%)
Soy oil
Rapeseed oil
Sunflower oil and corn oil (invariable proportions) and non-hydrogenate vegetable fats (palm oil)
Skimmed milk powder
Whey powder
Emulsifier: soy lecithin and flavourings (vanillin).

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