Pistache pesto
9 Febbraio 2017
Miel Eucalyptus
2 Marzo 2017

Eucalyptus honey

The natural environment and the richness of the flora of a splendid and thriving land, are the ingredients that make Don Vito's Honey a product of the highest quality. Genuine and absolutely natural, it is produced according to the most ancient traditions of the good beekeeper, without the use of artifices or pesticides and without adding additives, thus preserving the pure naturalness and the most authentic, beneficial and nutritive properties. Moreover, Don Vito's honey is not subject to pasteurization processes and to any preservation heat treatment; any crystallization is therefore, an indication of the product's authenticity. With a refined and elegant taste, it comes in the varieties of millefiori, citrus and eucalyptus. Sweet, healthy and 100% Made in Sicily.

Its unparalleled taste is hidden in its simplicity.

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