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12 Ottobre 2016
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23 Gennaio 2017

Eucalyptus honey

The natural environment and the richness of the flora of a wonderful land and lush are the ingredients that make the honey Don Vito a very high quality product. Genuine and absolutely natural, is produced according to ancient traditions of good beekeeper, without the use of tricks or pesticides and no additives, thus preserving the pure natural and the most authentic and valuable and beneficial nutritional properties.   The honey Don Vito, also, is not subjected to pasteurization processes and any heat preservation treatment; the possible crystallization is therefore genuineness of the product. From refined and elegant taste, it is presented in the variety of wildflowers, on, citrus and eucalyptus In its simplicity hides its incomparable taste. Sweet, healthy and 100% Made in Sicily.

Valori nutrizionali riferiti a 100g di prodotto:
Val. energetico 300 kcal
Proteine 0,6 kcal
Carboidrati 55 kcal di cui zuccheri 17 g
Fibra 2,5 g
Sodio 0,20 g
Grassi 12,5 kcal di cui saturi 6 g

Disponibile nelle confezioni da:
50 gr (DMI050EU) - 250 gr (DMI250EU) - 500 gr (DMI500EU) - 1 kg (DMI010EU)